The picture above is me flying with the Experimental Aircraft Association. I completed an aerospace workshop and program involving flying in a Piper Arrow Aircraft.

Mechanical Engineering

Through my engineering classes in high school and in college, I learned that I enjoy to design, build, and problem solve

Maker's Club at Bucknell

The Bucknell University Makers Society (BUMS) provides a venue for students from different disciplines to collaborate on creative projects. These projects will emphasize the transformation of ideas into physical constructs. BUMS is concerned with enabling students interested in making things that may be considered to be art, technology, or simply interesting or challenging.

In Spring 2021, I was one of the few people that helped bring BUMS back to campus. In that semester, BUMS members were able to make cutting boards utilizing wood working equipment. Fall 2022, I was able to help students learn how to solder. Recently, in spring 2022, I was able to create and host Bucknell's first rocket launch operated by students. I taught students how to first simulate their rockets using OpenRocket. Then I assisted students with building their rockets.

3D Printing

I enjoy using the 3D printers to print files I created or found online. I use Solidworks to create parts which I later print on a 3D printer.

Laser Cutting

I enjoy using the laser cutter to cut and engrave projects. For unique/customized parts, I model my deign in Soildworks and convert into a DXF file which I later cut or engrave using the Laser Cutter machine.


I love to take photos of my grandparents ranch down in Mexico during the summers and photos of Long Beach, CA